Lets dive into the creator of the site: me, Cindy Jean. I am a Haitian American Female living in Maryland with a love for all things fashion.

I started my blog in 2015 as a way for me to express my style and inspirations with fashion. Some may say my style is "trendy" or "chic" but honestly I say I'm open to anything, I'm willing to try new styles and make it my own.

 I love color prints, patterns and even the most basic pieces because simplicity can be just as, if not more outstanding then having a million colors and a statement piece on.

 Every style inspires me to try something new and to reach beyond the width of my closet. finding new ways to incorporate color, creativity and texture to an outfit is what I live for.

What can I say? Fashion is art and I'm the Artist.

 I am a currently a college student studying Fashion merchandising I hope to one day inspire everyone to be bold in fashion and make your own personal statement through the clothes you wear. I hope to one day own my own business and spreading a taste of my style and uniqueness to the world.

For press and business inquiries as well as collaborations, sponsorships and partnerships please email cindyean94@gmail.com

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