Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bohemian Babe

One trend that will continue this summer is the boho chic look. With so many Coachella inspired pieces it and summer concerts on the way, adding any bohemian/70s element to ones outfit will make you look free and fabulous.  This summer you can stay on trend by taking this retro look and customizing it to fit your taste. Adding as little as a handbag or crocheted cardigan can make you a bohemian babe.  The use of accessories and jewelry can also make an outfit trendier. Key pieces that add to a flower child look include crocheted pieces, brim hats, gold or white body tattoos, bell bottoms and head pieces.  

Top: H&M off shoulder Blouse 
Pants: Nicki Minaj collection
Clutch:Unique Thrift store

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