Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throw Back Thursdays

Guess whos back! Yes, I'm back and better then ever, its always nice to take a break from social media and just focus on yourself. these past few weeks I have been focused on finishing up this semester at school and I am beyond happy the school year is over for me. Now that summer is upon us I can focus more on blogging! Summer 2K16 its LIT!

*I have been waiting to post these pictures and finally I can, cheers to spring break of 2016, throw back Thursday to a time of relaxation in New York City.* #NYC

*Unlike Barbies, Me and my Girls aren't sold Separately*

 While in NYC I had the pleasure of going to the cupcake ATM and it was amazing! 

bringing it back to spring break of 2016, one of my best spring breaks yet to come. 
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