Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15th

Hey Guys!, so I know its been a while since I have last posted a blog post and mainly that's because I wanted to change the appearance of my blog and what it was about and basically start fresh for the new year, I guess my new year started in the middle of February lol.

Anyways welcome back to my page!! this year I really want to put more focus on my blog, its context and definitely the quality of the post and pictures I put out there. In order to get back into my blogging mojo I decided to join Alex Beadon's blog challenge and I'm kind of late but I wanted to start by answering her blog challenge question of "what is something fascinating in my industry".

Well to start off I am a college student and I dont know if that's really an industry but I have the ability to do what ever I want. I'm at the age where traveling, shopping and enjoying life is my key focus. I might be collecting student loan debt at the moment but at the same time my only focus is enjoying life and doing well in school. I want a life worth remembering when I leave this earth so right now where I am at the age where everything is possible I want to take that and make a difference somehow either by inspiring others to go after their dreams, being the best them possible, finding Christ or maybe all of the above. the possibilities are endless as to what is achievable.

The industry that I am also a part off is the fashion industry. I am in school studying fashion merchandising and i absolutely love it. I love all things fashion and all the creativity that comes with it. To me fashion is something each person creates and makes it their own. Each persons style is different just like each artist has their own form of art from the way they create their pieces to the way it is presented. Fashion is self expression.

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