Sunday, October 11, 2015

Miami Golde: Mad

Miami Golde is a song writer and female rapper that has just released her new song titled Mad. She is an extremely talented individual with a passion for the music industry. She is locally well know and has had the opportunity to  performed at the Washington wizard half time show where she rapped her song titled My Moment, she has also performed at many numerous events, all of which has aided in her publicity. Her New song "Mad"  is about how she over came doubting herself and came to  building her confidence as a not only a female rapper but in herself as well. As a result she perfected her craft and excelled at her talent. Her fire and desire to prove to herself  and to others that did not believe in her led to this new song release. The release of her first extended play "waves" will drop February 8th 2016. Be sure to check out her song titled Mad, the link is located down below as well as her other songs and stay tuned for the music video release of this song.

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