Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blog Series: Top 5 hobbies

 What do I do to past the time is a good question and I do tend to ask myself this on occasion. below is my list of my top 5 past time activities.

1) Dance
2) Work on business
3) Sleep
4) Creative thinking/Fashion
5) Eat!

1) Dance. I dance on my schools dance team so i am constantly dancing,freely and mandatory because i actually show up to practice lol. I dance hip hop and poms mostly but have a history of ballet, tap and jazz as well.

2) Work on business. One of my goals in life is to start my own business, particularly in the fashion industry and I am currently working on that with a friend. We are in our creative stage where we are thinking of what exactly we want to do, our mission statement as well as thinking about how to effectively state the business.

3) SLEEP!!!!! omg yes! I love to sleep it is probably one of the greatest past time ever created! the joy I have when I get to rest my eyes and get some more beauty sleep is one of the best feelings that I could have.

4) Creative thinking/Fashion. I enjoy thinking about creative projects, new outfit ideas, and just things pertaining to fashion and creativity. Taking on new projects is also another one of my past times, I am good with my hands and take pleasure in working with them.

5) Eat. Food+Me=Happiness, Food in general is a blessing and having the ability to try different cultures food is amazing. Food makes me happy and full.
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