Friday, September 11, 2015

Blog Challege series: A Day in my life

September blog challenge #10

 Hey guys!!! so the blog challenge for today was for my to show case a typical day in my life!
to start off my Tuesday morning I have breakfast, I have an 8am class so I need fuel and energy at the top of my mornings. I am currently in college and I am living on campus which is an amazing experience.

At the start of my morning i do my hair! for this style I did a perm rod set and did a curly Afro. i love being natural because you can do so much with your hair there is absolutely no limit! #rockthenatural

After I do my had I go down to the cafe and have break fast. The most important meal of the day. i had an omelette with a side of fruit. when it come to how i like my omelettes i honestly put everything in it, i'm not picky. 

Now time for class. from 8am-3pm I am in class, some days it is a struggle but I do have breaks between my classes so I might have a snack or take a nap before my next classes.

Between my classes I noticed shoe dazzle was having a sale on booties!! so of course I jumped on board and checked to see what they had and above is a picture of one of the booties I purchased and I love the chain design on the front og thr shoes its classic because its black but edgy because of the chain. Its perfect for fall. 

In the evening i have practice. i am on my college dance team and we are preparing for the first game of the season. #football

Lastly to end my night I found out what love looks like which is a double scoop ice cream cone (Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) from basking robin! #BR 

Thanks guys for checking out my blog! keep watching as I continue to post everyday in September!

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