Tuesday, December 15, 2015

See You in 2016

Yes im taking a mini blog break...

Lately I have been thinking about where I am currently in my life and where I want to head to in the future. Especially when it comes to blogging, I feel like there is a lot of ways I can and should be improving myself and my blog content. I want to be the best me possible and that involves making my blog better and up hold it to my own standard. I am currently working on my blog layout/template to make it more of place that represents me and my beliefs, my life style,fashion and just all things that I wish to show you guys in my life. Throughout this year I have been fairly satisfied with my blog but satisfied is not what I want to be. I want to be excited and over joyed about the way my blog looks and currently that is not where I am..... So I am taking a mini blog break until January 1st 2016. That is when I will go back to blog posting. I will of course be active on instagram and snapchat so feel free to follow me and check out whats going on with me!

See You In 2016..

xoxoxo Love you tons, Cindysera aka Cindy Jean

P.S. Instagram & Snapchat listed below

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Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Colour Pop!  so I finally got my hands on a few lipsticks from this company and its to die for, Im probably one of the last female on earth to hear about this company but once I heard about it and saw the price I decided to give it a try. The colors are so pigmented its amazing! not to rave on this company too much but so far I really like it and will definitely be purchasing more lippie stixs and ultra matte lip glosses in the near future. The ultra matte liquid lip stick stay on your lips all day and only really come off if you eat or drink anything with oil in it. The lippie stixs go on super smooth and feels soft on your lips. Last but not least Colour Pop is affordable, the price for their lip products range from $5-6 each depending on what you purchase. Anyone who loves affordable good quality lip products should check out Colour pop, they also have eye shadow and other products as well.











Monday, November 9, 2015

BMore Lovin

These past few months I have been living in the Baltimore area and had the opportunity to FINALLY! visit the Inner Harbor, its actually a shame that I have never went there and I have lived in Maryland for the majority of my life. Please don't judge me lol.  anyways when i went there i saw the beauty Baltimore had to offer, I loved the water front and how that entire area was filled with restaurants and Ice cream shops that made you want to stay there forever. Baltimore is gorgeous! Im happy I came during the fall season, loved the trees changing colors and the leaves on the ground.

 *Saw this couple and their dog and I had to document this picture worthy moment! *


Sunday, October 11, 2015

Miami Golde: Mad

Miami Golde is a song writer and female rapper that has just released her new song titled Mad. She is an extremely talented individual with a passion for the music industry. She is locally well know and has had the opportunity to  performed at the Washington wizard half time show where she rapped her song titled My Moment, she has also performed at many numerous events, all of which has aided in her publicity. Her New song "Mad"  is about how she over came doubting herself and came to  building her confidence as a not only a female rapper but in herself as well. As a result she perfected her craft and excelled at her talent. Her fire and desire to prove to herself  and to others that did not believe in her led to this new song release. The release of her first extended play "waves" will drop February 8th 2016. Be sure to check out her song titled Mad, the link is located down below as well as her other songs and stay tuned for the music video release of this song.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Boscov Fall Fashion Show

Hey Bloggers and my fellow readers, this evening I had the pleasure of attending the fall fashion trend show that was held at Boscov. The show was hosted by Stevenson University students whom had the task of predicting trends that will be in season this fall and might I say this showcase was an amazing experience. The three forecast trends displayed were titled Fringe with Benefits, Urban Dissonance and Polished Prep. 

Fringe with Benefits

I absolutely loved this name "Fringe with Benefit" it states what the trend is and its catchy. With this display it showcased the fringe trend for fall it can be dressed down for a casual look or dressed up for a come sophisticated and chic look. 
style tips
  • Pair a mid length fringe skirt with a knit sweater or button down shirt. mid length skirts are playful and fun.
  • Dare to double it up. pair the fringe leather jacket with a pair fringe heels.
  • Lastly have fun with it! dare to be different and yourself.

Urban dissonance 

Urban Dissonance is taking fur, sued and leather for a edgy and chic look. It captures attention all while being comfortable. 
**Fashion is about dreaming and making other people dream.**

Polished Prep

This season it is said that the polished and preppy look will be in style. i love taking a collared denim or chambray top and putting it under a warm knot sweater and topping it all off with a statement necklace. my top favorite colors for this fall season are burgundy, olive green, mustard yellow and black.


Saturday, September 26, 2015

Blog Series: Top 5 hobbies

 What do I do to past the time is a good question and I do tend to ask myself this on occasion. below is my list of my top 5 past time activities.

1) Dance
2) Work on business
3) Sleep
4) Creative thinking/Fashion
5) Eat!

1) Dance. I dance on my schools dance team so i am constantly dancing,freely and mandatory because i actually show up to practice lol. I dance hip hop and poms mostly but have a history of ballet, tap and jazz as well.

2) Work on business. One of my goals in life is to start my own business, particularly in the fashion industry and I am currently working on that with a friend. We are in our creative stage where we are thinking of what exactly we want to do, our mission statement as well as thinking about how to effectively state the business.

3) SLEEP!!!!! omg yes! I love to sleep it is probably one of the greatest past time ever created! the joy I have when I get to rest my eyes and get some more beauty sleep is one of the best feelings that I could have.

4) Creative thinking/Fashion. I enjoy thinking about creative projects, new outfit ideas, and just things pertaining to fashion and creativity. Taking on new projects is also another one of my past times, I am good with my hands and take pleasure in working with them.

5) Eat. Food+Me=Happiness, Food in general is a blessing and having the ability to try different cultures food is amazing. Food makes me happy and full.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Blog Series:What i'm reading right now

Hey guys!! so this post will probably be short because currently I am not reading anything LOL please don't judge, but I do have a list of novel that I do want to read and hopefully get to read them soon!.
 Books to Read
1) Vacationers
2)Fifty shades of grey
3)The little black book of style
4)The Maze Runner series
5)Divergent Series


Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blog Series: Favorite form of exercise

Hey guys!! I apologize for not posting as much as I said I would this month, I had some computer issues and I have been extremely busy with school and getting involved in different Activities!

Moving forward on this month blog series challenge I will be talking about my favorite form of exercise!! Whoop Whoop! lol

Anyone who knows me fairly well knows that I am a dancer and I love to dance, so of course my favorite form of exercise is dance/zumba. I love this form of exercise because with dance it doesn't feel like your exercising,it feels like a party. I loose weight/ get fit all by having fun and doing something I love to do anyways. Dancing is a great way to express yourself and let loose and just have fun. like the quote dance like no one is watching. when I dance I do precisely that and I leave it all on the dance floor. Dance is a form of art, a form of identification and a form of life. Dance lives and breathes through me and I love it. I may not be a technical dancer but i dance with my heart, mind and soul.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blog Challenge: Top Guilty Pleasure

I have two guilty pleasures I love Ice cream and shopping!! those are my worst guilty pleasures, I love shopping! any one who knows me, knows I love shopping. Online and the actual act of going to stores and buying items. Ice cream is my comfort food and just what I go for when it come to desserts

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Blog Challenge: Favorite Quote

 Favorite Quote 

" Don't Watch the clock, Do what it does. Keep Going."
-Sam Levenson

This quote happens to be my favorite quote because I find it very inspirational. It encourages me to keep going and more forward, like the clock and time it doesn't more backward but instead forward. in order to live life to its fullest you cant live in the past or think about past regrets but look toward the future and hope for a great one.


Friday, September 11, 2015

Blog Challenge: Make a wish!


There's a lot of things I could wish for such as world peace, be a billionaire, and etc.. but if I could 
have one wish I think I would wish for financial stability for everyone, I was born in Port au Prince Haiti but raised in the United States and being here in the USA and going back to my home country the difference in wealth is extremely noticeably. here in the United States the possibilities are endless and we have so many more opportunities then most people have and we are one of the richest countries. I wish everyone around the world could be able to afford the basic necessities of life,


Blog Challege series: A Day in my life

September blog challenge #10

 Hey guys!!! so the blog challenge for today was for my to show case a typical day in my life!
to start off my Tuesday morning I have breakfast, I have an 8am class so I need fuel and energy at the top of my mornings. I am currently in college and I am living on campus which is an amazing experience.

At the start of my morning i do my hair! for this style I did a perm rod set and did a curly Afro. i love being natural because you can do so much with your hair there is absolutely no limit! #rockthenatural

After I do my had I go down to the cafe and have break fast. The most important meal of the day. i had an omelette with a side of fruit. when it come to how i like my omelettes i honestly put everything in it, i'm not picky. 

Now time for class. from 8am-3pm I am in class, some days it is a struggle but I do have breaks between my classes so I might have a snack or take a nap before my next classes.

Between my classes I noticed shoe dazzle was having a sale on booties!! so of course I jumped on board and checked to see what they had and above is a picture of one of the booties I purchased and I love the chain design on the front og thr shoes its classic because its black but edgy because of the chain. Its perfect for fall. 

In the evening i have practice. i am on my college dance team and we are preparing for the first game of the season. #football

Lastly to end my night I found out what love looks like which is a double scoop ice cream cone (Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough) from basking robin! #BR 

Thanks guys for checking out my blog! keep watching as I continue to post everyday in September!

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