Monday, August 11, 2014

About Me

Hey There my name is cindy i am currently a teenager living in Maryland.

 I started my blog in 2013 just as a way to express my fashion sense  and inspirations. Some may say my style is "trendy" or "chic" but honestly I say Im open to anything, Im willing to try new styles and make it my own, i love color and print and even the most basic pieces because simplicity can be just as or more outstanding then having a million colors and statement pieces on.

As of now i am in college studying Fashion merchandising i hope to one day inspire everyone to be bold in fashion and make your own personal statement through the clothes you wear. i hope to one day own a clothing or handbag company, spreading a taste of my style and uniquness to the world.

This may sound like a cliche but i always want and need to remind myself as well as others to follow their dreams no matter how big or how small it might be, you only live once so do what you love and make the best of it.
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