Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Myy Women crush wednesday is..MEEE!! Ladies remember to love yourself first no matter what, because if you dont then how can you expect someone else to. That is why my WCW is me. I am one of kind,loving and loveable,energetic, fun to be around and on top of that I have a passion for fashion. I AM ME.
"How I feel about myself is more important than how I look. Feeling confident,being comfortable in your skin-thats what really makes you beautiful"-bobbi brown

-Clothing: I decided to mix colors green and pink to also bring in the spring season.  Im wearing a lime green pencil skirt, a sheer sleveless polka dot top, with a white back lace sweater.

-Hair: #natural my hair is in a puff type bun. I love my hair!

-Jewlery: I decided to go with a statement piece that not only brought out my outfit but complimented it and my neck lol this necklace is a wide variety of flowers with different shapes and sizes and colors that I got from forever 21 in balimore md. With a staement piece necklace there was no need for "loud" or dramtic earings so I decided to wear pears. Chic and classy #lovely #model #spring #follow me

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