Sunday, May 18, 2014

Simple with a Statement Piece

What I have here is a simple white pair of shirts, black tank top and a baby pink cardigan.  I call this look simple with a statement piece because of the neclace I chose to wear. It is a gold chain with a pink diamond shaped crest with gold lining around it, it also has gold spikes next to it. The sandles are also pink but with a darker shade and a animal print mixed with it. Theses are soo comfortable, which means I will be wearing these sandles very often during the summer. The outfit fits well for a day out with the girls or a walk in the park. It is simple and easy to put together, minimizing the time it takes to get ready. Mix and match any pair of shorts andtank top to create your perfect look. #fabulous #prettyinpink #summertime #simple

 Hope you like it :)
-Cindy Jean
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