Tuesday, April 29, 2014


The wonderful month of April! such an amazing month, it has spring break,warmer weathers, the strat of spring, flowering budding and ohhh yeaa,,RAIN. I dont know about you guys reading but me and rain plus my hair do NOT mix. Although I love  how the rain brings in flowers and it good for the earth, i am not fond of the constant rain. in fact it makes me want to dress down and just stay in bed, snuggle with a book and sleep lol after all the calming sound of raindrops falling is the best sleep remedy lol. But anyway, if you want to look fabulous in rainy weather here are a few select outfits i found that were sensible in rain but also cute and comfortable. Hope you like it :)

 classic, color coordinated and lovely are the three words that came to mind when i saw this! Adorbs! 

Rain boots are a must when it comes to this crazy rainy maybe even windy weather, the umbrella is my favorite. 

 Love Love Love this, its comfortable cute, and trendy. the jacket completes this look and adds a edge to it, mostly because of the studded pockets.

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