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Monday, November 6, 2017

J.A.D.E.S Galleria - DC Fashion Week Collection

J.A.D.E.S Galleria Designer

Designer Deneen Watson talks about her experience as a designer and attending DC Fashion Week. 

Cindy Jean: Why did you become a designer?

Deneen Watson: The passion has always been in me to become a fashion designer. When I was six, my favorite thing to do was to create clothing for paper dolls. I loved mixing different colors and shapes in order to achieve a unique outcome. I continued to cultivate my love for fashion through all my years of schooling. I took sewing classes in order to learn more about my craft. During my senior year of high school I was accepted into the Teen Vogue Fashion University program. That was very exciting for me. That program solidified for me that my future was in fashion.

Jean: What are your muses/ influences/ inspiration?

Watson: I find inspiration everywhere. I can see a flower on the ground or a painting on a wall and be inspired to develop garments that highlight the features of what I have seen. My favorite place to take inspiration from is nature. Everything is organic and unique. My most recent collection was based on the beach. For example the way the waves move and how the sea breeze blows.

Jean: What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?

Watson: I definitely have many interests including business and science, more specifically chemistry. Fashion is what I feel deep in my heart of hearts I was called to do. Although I dabbled in other career options, my passion for fashion burned with a fury deep down inside of me. I answered the call and here I am today.

Jean: What is your brand? & how has your brand evolved?

Watson: J.A.D.E.S. Galleria is a brand that specializes in custom wedding dresses and special occasion wear. Beautifully and simply designed, J.A.D.E.S. Galleria creates garments that portray a "Classic Elegance with a Modern Twist". J.A.D.E.S. Galleria is a brand that represents a confident and unique woman. One who is not afraid to march to the beat of her own drum. The jade stone represents love, eternity, and peace. These are all elements a J.A.D.E.S. woman exudes. 

Because my brand is in the beginning stages of development, it has not evolved as of yet. Of course as the years go by, I plan to evolve and expand my business. Ultimately, J.A.D.E.S. Galleria will be a brand that will be recognized worldwide and will be a constant trend influencer.

*To View more images of Deneen's Designs from DC Fashion Week, Click the link- DCFASHION *

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Chanel's.

As Scream Queens season came to an end, I decided it was time for a Chanel Inspired Photo shoot. I love all the things about The Chanel's. Their fashion, their sense of humor and especially how they are the head honchos at their university. They are the College Queen B's. My Favorite character would have to be Chanel Oberlin aka Chanel No.1 Obvi. Her mean but hilarious remarks and responses to people actually give me life besides her amazing style.

Meet Chanel #5

Chanel #1 Obvi.

Lastly, Chanel #3


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bohemian Babe

One trend that will continue this summer is the boho chic look. With so many Coachella inspired pieces it and summer concerts on the way, adding any bohemian/70s element to ones outfit will make you look free and fabulous.  This summer you can stay on trend by taking this retro look and customizing it to fit your taste. Adding as little as a handbag or crocheted cardigan can make you a bohemian babe.  The use of accessories and jewelry can also make an outfit trendier. Key pieces that add to a flower child look include crocheted pieces, brim hats, gold or white body tattoos, bell bottoms and head pieces.  

Top: H&M off shoulder Blouse 
Pants: Nicki Minaj collection
Clutch:Unique Thrift store


Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throw Back Thursdays

Guess whos back! Yes, I'm back and better then ever, its always nice to take a break from social media and just focus on yourself. these past few weeks I have been focused on finishing up this semester at school and I am beyond happy the school year is over for me. Now that summer is upon us I can focus more on blogging! Summer 2K16 its LIT!

*I have been waiting to post these pictures and finally I can, cheers to spring break of 2016, throw back Thursday to a time of relaxation in New York City.* #NYC

*Unlike Barbies, Me and my Girls aren't sold Separately*

 While in NYC I had the pleasure of going to the cupcake ATM and it was amazing! 

bringing it back to spring break of 2016, one of my best spring breaks yet to come. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

20 Things I learned Before turning 21

Happy Birthday to me! Hey guys so I just turned 21 on February 28th and I couldn't be more excited for what this new age brings. Although Im not much of a drinker I love the joy that comes with hitting such a monumental age. Looking back on my past few years I learned a few things.

1) Believe in yourself, at 20 yrs old you should feel empowered to try anything and do anything you want.

2) Your not that old.

3)This is the time to enjoy life, while your young, wild & Free..literally.

4) Don't let a boy be the cause of your tears, instead use any pain as motivation to be better and do better.

5) Stay focuses, sometimes we are so busy on having fun that we also forget about thinking about what we want in the future.

6) Enjoy wearing what ever you want to wear, this is the time to be sexy and get away with wearing short thing, not saying you should have you body on display but that its okay to show a little leg.

7) When life gives you lemons, sell them to buy shoes. looking your best is always the key to success.

8) Key to success-drink water. stay fit and healthy and keep your body looking right and tight.

9) Don't be afraid to try new things.

10) Spend a lot of time with your friends!

11)Travel to new places whether they are near or far, explore the world.

12) Do something that your passionate about, me i love fashion so i blog and take photos displaying my sense of style.

13) Having mimosas are some what an acquired taste.

14) Go to parties and events.

15) Meet new people, you never know what each person might bring in your life.

16) Love yourself! self love is the best love ..EVER

17) Trust God, honestly this should be first on the list because you never know where he can take you.

18) Take pictures and document your youth! make memories to remember.

19) Time is short, enjoy the little time you have left on this earth.

20) Turning 21 embarks on new opportunities and a new year to enjoy.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Chic in Fur

"On Wednesdays we wear fur".. Well that will be my motto for the rest of the winter season. Typically I post on Tuesdays but yesterday I wasn't able to post this outfit which I couldn't wait to finally post. Today was super cold and i was freezing!! while shooting but it was all worth it because i am really happy and proud of how everything turned out lol, I hope you guys like it as well!

  • Faux leather skirt-Forever21
  • Booties-Shoedazzle
  • Fur Vest-Burlington Coat factory
  • Black turtleneck-Capezio
  • Necklace-Charlotte Russe
  • Hair-Dreads from the Isis collection
*black turtle neck is actually a long sleeve leotard*


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